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Monday, November 24, 2014

Frustrated! Wedding Hacks!! Choose the right person..

Been thinking whether I should blog abt this!
But it really affecting my mood...
Especially she is acting childish and weirdo with mi! I hate it..
Did I did the wrong move?
I bet here is the only place I can vent and show my anger..
In my previous blog about Wedding Negative Thought , you can't believe it, I actually experiencing it right now...
I dunno this is consider lucky or not..
 #LovewithYinAndLoh in 27 days
and all the frustration and stress just pop out and say hello...
Can't describe my feeling rite now..
All I can say is this is the time when you get too know who is actually your friends or a pass-by-er..

All started when Hubb went to pm-ed all the sisters in a group without shooting anyone and without letting mi know...
His main purpose was to ask the sisters to show more concern on mi and even volunteer to help up our wedding.. (volunteer meaning without being ask!)
But one of my sister actually get offended without stating the fact that Hubby was not saying her
but to her,
Sister is supposed for gatecrash only!
Tat freaking a easy job for sister..
Okay I never been anyone sister before but to me...
Sister is supposed to be there whenever the bride need her/them..
Not saying tat she is my sister, even friends would even help...!
Is it true tat Brothers and sisters dun have to meet up..?
To mi and Hubb,
getting to noe each other well, you will tend to dun give face just de-kang
But to the sister,
Knowing too well, den they wun really de-kang the brother...
I even get the remark,
"previous weddings we did, no need meet up so many times de, never even meet the brothers, just based on the bride schedule n all rely on that"
I was like WTF... (pardon my words.... but I really get so angry)
Okay everyone have their own thinking..
But I have mine too..
Why should I be listening to you peepz, it should be the other way round isn't it???
It just like previous wedding, bride nv treat you dinner but I did... even I offer, you should say previous wedding oso nv treat, this time dun need treat...
WTH right...
You noe I dun even received a single THANK YOU...
Forget abt it as that dinner is really a token of appreciation ( in fact, come to think abt it~~~why should treat them when they dun do anything..? Gatecrash oso get hongbao right?? )
I even get a remark ~~~ "Bridesmaid is the last person you should offended"!!
WOw... I clapped for you..!
Bride is the most important person on tat day, NOT you Bridesmaid.....
Not wanna say whose fault over here, it takes 2 hands to clap...
In fact, I called her up cause I dun wish to face this problem at work
but I'm freaking facing it!!
Oh ya... ONE more big fat liar...
To think she claimed she is my XX... forget it!
I will always rem it... and YOU ARE JUST PASS-BY-ER!
What I wanna say, I really treat every single of you as my close friends, sisters not just by saying.. Touch your heart and ask yourself...!
And if you still think I dun den I believe our friendship wun last long...
If you are reading this, perhaps maybe you could let mi know by telling mi that you dun wish to be my sister anymore!
I wun blame you
I wun be angry or upset...
Thank for being once my friend...!
I know our friendship may just the end of it when you peepz read it but I dun care anymore...
Maybe things will get better on coming Friday!
Hear they planning a hen's night for mi!
and I really hope they can change my mind for a better 1

Side note....
Family is always the best friend you could have!

Oct - almost a year had past, I decided to re-publish this post as there's nothing for mi to scare of anyway.. (I dunno what I scare of previously!! Not worth at all!!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Taiwan ~ Day 3 ~ Tea plantation*Cingjing

Bye Taichung.. Hello 清境..!
Set off early in the morning for 清境农场
Driver brought us to a tea plantation to 'chop veg head - 斩菜头'..
We almost fall for it
we indeed fall for it but not berry deep la...!

pretending to pluck the Tea leaves!

I love this pic!
Think I look good with this hat.. haaa

Going to be the veg head liao..!
Boxes and boxes of Oolong tea leaves and green tea..
My in-laws almost got us into buying S$1000+ of green tea powder and Oolong tea leaves..!
This is crazy shit lor..
Yes, we still can't resist in the end and bought about S$500 worth of it...
Still crazy la...
Lucky I only get 3 boxes of green tea
(psst! Tat 3 boxes are still in my cupboard ~ untouch!)

 We were told to smell the tea, roll the hot cup throughout the face before drinking the tea..

SO cute man!
Like so atas hor... (*v*)

Hubb's nose is too big for the tiny cup and he still tried to put his nose in..
but this brighten up my day!

Next stop: King's Garden ~ 元首館 
(not in our itinerary)
A 10 mins stop of taking tons of photos before we moved on!

(Psst! when we are back in Sg, we realized we missed quite alot here, thank to the driver for rushing! sob.. )
Read this Migachan.wordpressThe first attraction we went to was King’s Garden 元首館, a large store that sells food but made to look like a castle and uses animated former and current Taiwanese presidents as its theme.  The outside has two sets of large chess pieces, which the Queen, is as tall as one of my female friend.  The inside has two levels and they have free food and wine testing.  My friend told us not to miss out on the female washroom because each stall has a different theme LOL!  The place is a bit away from the city but there are public buses that goes there (addy: 南投縣埔里鎮中山路四段219號).


Took lots of courage to climb up the horse carriage..! 
Still this fulfill my dream of sitting a horse carriage just like Cinderella! 

Kind of fail 4D art on the ground!

Next stop: Chung Tai Chan Monastery (中台禪寺)

Hubb been so excited to bring his family here.. so here we are...!
Really an eye opening!


Came here especially for my FIL n hubb..
Both berry Buddhist and seem like they enjoy as much as I do.. 
I always feel so relax and wonderful whenever I step into this kind of Buddhism temple...

Overall it's a great experience and eye-opening!
A great place but too tourist attraction liao, making the whole place berry noisy...! 
but recommend this place for the scenery and of course for photography!
I must stress that I really took alot of the trees and sky and building
But seem like I post more on food and ppl.. 

Lunch but berry bad lunch!
I can say only the beehoon is nice nia.. haiz! 
Driver Uncle bought us here de and seem like he had his lunch for commission..

Feeling more den 18!

Oh ya.. at this point of time, I was having headache after a long ride...

But after hearing,
There's chocolate, there's gelato and there's FREE coffee!
No matter how sick I was, hearing this really brighten up my day...

Mi ~~~ not a gelato person but the passion fruit is really yummy!
Nope everything is really yummy la... 
Must try!

Next stop: Kwong Hing Paper Mill ~ 廣興紙寮
(also not in our itinerary at first)

Driver uncle bought us here, not sure if he got commission for this
I dun like here at all... 
mainly because I'm really not interested and kinda smelly and tons of flys flying around.. (not just mi, but everyone no like it here... kept saying waste time coming here la, this la, that la... OMG... not as if is mi asking the uncle to drove us here mar)

All sorts of paper are make here, even those we use for prayer burning too... 

so boring! All of us are real bored, really bored 
If not for the driver, we wun be here...
This is another experience la just not my type...

Next stop: Guan Xing Yuan (观星园)

Due to the rain, we had to miss Old England (老英格兰), Small Swiss Garden (小瑞士花园)Green Green Grass Land (青青草原)
So sad! 💔💔💔
Another reason for mi to go back Taiwan!

Da~ tang
the room for 7 peoples... 

super homestay styles especially the toilet! 
strictly no toilet paper in the bowl if not we had to pump it ourselves.. 

Pray hard for not having stomach! 
so i super careful of wat i ate during the stay...

What a wet day!!
nothing much we can do...

Imagine the view is already so beautiful, 
can't imagine how will the view be when there's no rain... kekeke!


I still love the weather, the view, I just love everything... in Taiwan..!


My Hubb, my love, my everything!

Taking photos while we waiting for dinner 
anyway we oso have nothing much to do!

Complimentary by the hotelstay owner...

You will be surprised by the spreads given lo and how fresh the it is... 

Missing Hubb ~ helping us take photos 
cause all staffs were so busy to help us take.. 

Oh ya.. 
not to forget the froggie experience!

Tat froggie just jump and landed on my feet! Gross...
 I scream at the top of my voice even the restaurant ppl look out of the window to check out us...

I can imagine how loud I screamed... 

The night training couples... They actually trained to eat man!

Flankly speaking,
I can't.. cause I was born to eat...

Finally done with day 3, I really gonna work more harder...