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Monday, September 28, 2015

Wake mi up when September end!

Finally September is going to end.. 
I had a long and bad September which impacted my family and myself alot.. 

It's supposed to be a happy and 幸福 for my family, especially for my brother and his wife.. Baby Deon Loh is born on the 2nd September 2015.. All of us was so excited for his arrival.. Of course for mi, coz 我做姑姑了... I actually so excited that I rushed down to the hospital waited outside the delivery ward..
Non of us expected this unfortunate incident gonna happen, non of us are prepare for it at all.. It was really huge impact for our family especially my brother and my sister-in-law family... 
My sil actually discharged and went home to rest after 3 days after giving birth..
Yes, to many ppl, this is berry common.. On the following day 5th September (which is a Saturday and a day before my brother's birthday), my sil had a slip in the toilet and had a nasty hit on her head.. This hit resulted a big blood clot to form in her right brain.. Operation was successful, the blood clot had been removed but she has been comatose till today.. 
Despite all the medical reports and doctors prognosis, we are still praying for her, praying for her to open her eye someday..
If anyone of you are reading this, please do a minute of your time to pray for her conscious..
Dear Girl, I just want you to noe that all of us are waiting for you to wake up.. You dun have to worry about anything coz all of us willing to pei you walk through every obstacles... We just need you to wake up..

As for myself, I finally willing to talk abt it..
Everything happen on the week that my sil admitted hospital.. Timing just right and I can't help to blame myself..
I'm really sorry..
I had been berry strong, strong enough that I didn't breakdown when I'm with my brother.. Usually I'm always the first one to breakdown crying... This time, I think I need to stay strong at least for my brother.. I dun wish to cry in front of him as I noe if I do so, he will feel even more down..
But my tears just can't stop running once I reach home, even when I watch Taiwan drama I will think of my sil..
I think I may have tired my body by rushing to the hospital every now and then without resting.. Plus went to bai bai and also ask my brother along to go bai bai due to 7th month...
Yes I had a miscarriage.. This impact mi deeply..
I'm sorry I didn't know you are inside mi if not I will definitely take extra care of myself and will definitely wun tired myself..
I know I need to let go and I already do..
Really gonna thanks Hubb and biaojie for keeping at my side..
Thank you BiaoJie for the flowers and birdnest.. Thank you for accompanying whenever Kevin is not by my side... Appreciate if alot.. At least I feel that there's someone in my family actually care abt mi..
Okay talk abt this.. not that I was bother abt nobody care abt mi just that I hate it when someone telling mi to eat confinement food, this and that as if I know how to prepare the food and drink and know what to eat what not to eat.. I dun expect she to come my hse to cook for mi la but just a call away, I wun mind but to rush down to just to eat de.. But do you care??
At least I had a good look on you..
Thank you Hubb for staying by my side.. I know you are equally sad just that you need to stay calm and strong for mi.. I feel it..Thank you for treating mi like princess though you always treat mi as one.. I promise from now on, I will take good care of myself ..
I love you!

❤️To the baby in mi for less den a week❤️
I'm sorry that I didn't know you are in mi and I'm sorry that I didn't take good care of you..
I'm sorry that I didn't get the chance to say hello to you
I'm sorry that I didn't even got the chance to say goodbye to you..
You will always remain in my heart..
I love you!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Phuket - Phi Phi Island, Khai Island and Patong Beach

I change my blogging style this time round... Dun think will wanna do it next time round.. Kinda difficult for someone not so pro to blog this way... 
But I really wanna do up a post on how I love U Zenmaya Phuket resort...
Read it up here...!   
 Not going to 'lor soh' so much... hahaha.. more like I scare I miss it too much while updating.. hahaha!
 First day in Phuket
 Outdoor Jacuzzi with stunning view..
One word ~~~ WOW!
 Complimentary drink per pax per stay from the mini bar..
Thank you! 
But can make it per pax per day! Whoopz!
Order Room service as I dun wanna end the stunning view so fastso requested Hubb to settle our meal in the room plus I dun use the hotel kettle to boil water to make cup noodles despite we can wash and boil to kill the germs... Read too many dirty yucky things abt the kettle usage.. hahaha...

Hmmm... Not really that yummy! Fried kway tiao not too bad, but my pad thai taste too sweet for my liking...
How can I waste my chance  to have outdoor jacuzzi!! SO this is what we  gonna do after our lunch!
After spending about 4-5 hours chilling in the room .. (yes just chilling in the jacuzzi, looking at the stunning view...This is call Life ma!)
We took this cute lorry provided by the hotel, yes free transport to Jungceylon shopping Mall where we been there for almost everyday..

Thank you Hubb for buying mi charms from Pandora! 
I dun really fancy this super expensive bracelet la but since Hubb already bought mi during our last Europe trip, 3 charms are kinda boring la.. so been wanna buy some to add in my collection... And I can only buy when I travel.. (suppose to be travel bracelet la... but but but......)
Still wanna buy crown, carriage and castle and ribbons.. LOLss...

Our hmmm second lunch!

Everything here is so much more expensive than we at Bangkok.. Oh man... I missing Bangkok already!

Mcdonald in Phuket cost 2-3 times more than Bangkok!
Walked over to Patong Beach from Jungceylon shopping mall...
Didn't really shop much since I already gotten on hand my Pandora charms... wanna save the shopping for the next 2 days.. (yes, this is the one and only place for us to shop!)
Managed to catch the sunset at Patong beach
  Been asking Hubb to go try the parasailing but he no wan.. (cause I also berry scare... btw, I scare of a lot of things... including snorkeling! Idiot mi rite...)
I'm not a beach person at all...
But somehow, I love walking on the beach, on the sea water...
Pardon the 'black face'
I really the background and everything....
Hubb kept wanna find where got sell as he been wanna mi to get to put my own firework.. (read my post here, why we didn't get to buy ba!)
Since we dun wish to spend 300-400baht for the transport to get back to hotel especially for the first day, we rushed back to the mall to catch the last shuttle ride back to the resort..
Back at hotel
once again, Thank you  U zenmaya hotel for the roses and champagne!!
First time ever!
Night swim at our berry own private pool...! Drinking champagne in the pool!!
How great can it goes!!!
Second day in Phuket

Starting our day with a fantastic yummlicous breakfast with a fantastic prefect view!
Simply love the idea of making our own juices with the fruits provided..
I made myself 1 green apple juice.. Fresh juice lei... hahaha
How many times must I fall in love in Phuket??!!
 Oh btw... 
I brought 3 pairs of sunglasses to Phuket... like act yi ge famous lei!
On board for our island hopping! yeah!
Been looking forward....
Anyway.. we had also booked our island hopping with Excursion Phuket together with airport transfer..
We had compared a few prices from different agency.. Prices excursion Phuket is reasonable and competitive..
We spent about 2500 baht for 2 pax..

Setting off~~
Monkey Island
Hold your camera tight.. even yr water bottle!
 Hubb brought along 2 bananas but we totally dun dare to at least take out from my bag..
 Stopped by in the middle of the blue sea for a dip!
I bet I'm the only person who is dry...

Went to Phi Phi Island for our lunch (provided)
Lunch was good but we dun dare to eat too full to prevent vomiting on board...

As we need to rush to Maya Island, our time is berry tight and gonna rush back to the boat.. Sadly (*okay most of us are berry angry*), 1 couple choose to take their own sweet time back on boat.. Tour guide still gonna make a call to them.. Even when they reached, they can slowly stroll the beach back to the boat.. WTH...
okay so much of ranting...
Gonna move on isn't it...
FUnny part is all of us became berry united.. We asked the tour guide to give them an half hour early time grace so that they wun be late AGAIN..

Viking Cave
We can only stop close to the entrance of the cave to snap some photos as the Viking cave is not open to visit in order to protect the swifts' nests...

Maya Beach (Leonardo Di Caprio's The beach fame movie)
Google and Read many blogs recommending this beach as the most beautiful beach in Phuket.. Even call Maya beach ~ Paradise
Sorry I dun think so..
Maybe because it was too crowded(full with people and boats!!)
In fact, it really look like paradise ~ from the far!
Khai Island ~ my favorite beach among all

We are standing in the middle of two seas separated by the tide breaker..
Photo will look even more beautiful and nicer without the crowd! 
Still... isn't it beautiful!
Have you wonder why did my Hubb got so tan?? (i still think he look blackie!!) 
Scroll down!
Yes this is how he got so dark and tan...! 
He still blamed mi for not spraying the sunblock on him!!! You see the way he does, do you all think spraying the sunblock got any use on him???
Waste my sunblock isn't it!!
Ended our islands hopping with a strong wave and heavy rain...
I was supposed to sit at the deck but the rain was so big that I had to get shelter.. 
Somehow, Hubb like sensed that rain is coming cause just 1 min ago, he had asked mi to keep my phone in his waterproof bag instead of mine(due to I'm not carrying a waterproof bag)
Love you Hubb
 Ended our fulfilling DAY 2 
From the bottom of my heart, I wanna say I love Phuket! 

Starting our third day with Breakfast in the room
FYI~Breakfast in the room with NO EXTRA CHARGES
I'm loving it!
The spread is amazing good, they even provided more than what we order and we could finish...
Went for morning dip and yes we went for morning dips every day every morning!!
The stunning view of the Andaman Sea and I still can't get over this!
I swear, it's even more beautiful in real life...

We simply spend few hours just chilling and listening to wave with the stunning view..
Okay I wanna go back right now... YES NOW PLS...
Had our complimentary spa at the hotel, and guess what... 1 hr is really not enough at all.. 
Not shiok at all!
Hubb already in the mood of LaLa land...
Back to Patong beach after the SPA..
Just strolling at the beach 
I love walking along the beach, with the sea wave beating my feet.. I feel so peaceful!
Love Birds in action!
Lunch at MK restaurant
Frankly speaking, I dun really recommended to eat here in Phuket
coz the price is double compare we had in Bangkok with more food too..  
Love Hubb the 爱心 spinach noodle..
It already must eat when I eat at MK with Hubb coz no-one know mi more than him.. 
Oh ya.. Love that they had Big C supermarket in Phuket.. Price wise about the same in Bangkok, okay I admit, I never really compare coz in Phuket, Big C consider the cheapest of all le...

Bought some snacks and fruits(hmm.. actually we bought alot for 2 pax only...)
I love the mango sticky rice and I always love to buy at supermarket, probably because the price is already stick there whereas at the roadside, they will weight the mango and normally it costs way much more... 
Highly recommend the pineapple in Phuket..
Not those slice kind but those in a ball kind.. You can oso find it along the roadside... 
My best buy in Phuket...
I love the scallop potato chips...
Just dun feel like ordering room service coz it dun taste that nice... Hubb suggested to buy maggi mee but I dun like to use the kettle provided.. 
SO ya, went opp the mall, we found this stall selling local delights.. Not hesitating, we ordered and ordered and ordered...  
Way too much for 2 pax again...
We only managed to eat half of everything... Sorry!
How can we not do mask while having jacuzzi??!!
Doing the famous animal masks from face shop..
Preparing the clock to strike 12mn!
It's my birthday...Hubb wanna mi to "pop" the champagne myself (okay, he helped!!)
my 'action' pose with the bottle again.. hahaha 
I did drink(just a few sips and I KO on the bed... no more baby dance tonight.. hahahhaa)
Cheers to my Hubb!
Thank you for this wonderful birthday trip... I love it...
Last breakfast with this stunning view... Missing it alot...
Morning Dip

I think I gonna miss U Zenmaya Phuket deeply...

Really feel warm and touched when the staffs pass mi the birthday cake!
Thank you

You girls rocks.. I will definitely be back for sure...

Ending this birthday trip to Phuket with s super tourist post!!