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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Stress ~ Destress ~Stressfree

Busy Friday!
I burst out in tears while working
suddenly feel so stress, so frustrated, so so much feeling
think of it, my tears will start rolling!
Sorry hubb, make you worry yest and I'm fine right now!
maybe I took it too hard 
maybe I stress myself to much
maybe maybe maybe
Trying to relax but I can't (at least I am now)
as I mentioned earlier post
my partner my colleague Cat went for holiday and I had to help her with her work 
including moving new office
feeling lost when no-one is there to help hence stress came
I need Holiday 
yes I just came back from Taiwan but I I really need 1 before my big day
Speak of Taiwan
finally I uploaded up to Day 5 photos 
5 more days to go 
Hope I wun take too long for tNhis!
Stay home Saturday
kinda bored
I need a break 
just dun feel like walking including shopping (there's online shopping, hee)
in the end 
we had late lunch cum early dinner at bbq chicken
Not too bad...
since we having early dinner
we planned to make fondue for dessert!
went to cold storage to get
waffle biscuit
and 1 more long long biscuit which i forget the name
last but the least
the most important thing
love stayhome Saturday!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

No caption!!

sound sux coz still 1 day to Friday
my partner(Catcat) went Europe for holiday
I'm all alone here in office struggling her work and mine!
jus feel like taking a break from there!
since yesterday
I'm like a crazy woman rushing here and there! 
all thanks to nobody is helping us and treating us super women!
at least
she not quitting anymore instead she did also fight for mi too..
thanks cat
so much about the work and work and work
since I mentioned I wanna take a break
Something I really wanna share!
Recently kinda addicted with this new app
only so far only iphone had it!
this helps mi decide that i'm sure wanna get iphone next!
oh ya
I recommend this especially for those who love to take #selfies

Say cheese!!!

Most important person in my whole life!
my hubb
thanks for giving your best
thanks for everything
thanks for making mi so proud
thanks thanks thanks
(I know I know, i been saying this! I'm loving it)
Thanks for taking selfies with mi all the times!
Using #Hicollage to collage my photos
if not
think I gonna spam all the feeds in instagram ba
Follow mi at Jeanrin

Just a simply post
still brighten up my day!!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Cousin's big day

Once again
I was being pushed back
I was supposed to be the first among the cousins to get marry
First~ my Ying Jie
Next ~ my da biao ge
Then~ my brother
Now ~ my da biao jie
I'm like from the first to 5th ~ Oh gosh!
i already done with my bridal shoot
done with my home
settle my hotel banquet
settle my actual bridal
just left the dinner
but Time really pass super fast
with a blink
it already ending of May
I'm no where done with my actual day time table
Getting depression real soon!
Will i???
Okay back to my cousin's big day
First time ever
I witnessing gate crashing
how great how exciting!
It really fun to be there
Thanks biao jie for inviting mi there
though we just getting closer this few years
but I'm really glad we did!
May you have a blissful, happy loving marriage!

3 of the beautiful sisters
Thanks for the hard work! 
Huat ar!
I love my family! 

With the lovely beautiful bride
 I have HongBao too!
see how happy I am!
Back at hotel
when they are lawfully husband and wife
'you may kiss the bride' 
so beautiful!
somehow I can't wait for my big day liao! 
my baobei cousin
With my brother
with my sister-in-law 
my happy family
Thanks for being there for mi
depsite all the ups and downs
I love you all!
(did you guys realised something?? all our eyes are open) 
Some photobooth photos at my cousin's wedding
All of us having great fun!

♡♡Happy ever after♡♡
Looking forward for my big day lo!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

[Review] Kinohimitsu D'tox juice

Kinohimitsu D'Tox Plum Juice is a smart way to flush out toxins from your bowel within 2 - 4 hours,
without intruding your daily life.
Kinohimitsu J'pan D'Tox Juice made from 100% natural,
with no additives that provide high concentration of dietary fiber
which encourage bowel movement and avoid constipation.
During the 6 days program,
I do experience the urge running to toilet on the second day of my drink
(so guys, pls either drink this at night after meals or weekends, okay!)
after completing the 6 day program
after all the unwanted things in my intestines and colons being flushed away
after my body is cleansed
after feeling so much refresh
I really feel cleansed and refresh
of course
changing abit of my diet by eating plenty of fruits and veg
getting enough of sleep
did played a big part here too!
I'm starting the collagen diamond 5300 drink!
Can't wait to have a better complexion
today is the fourth day of the collagen drink,
I can feel my dry skin is getting more moisturize and obvious less dryness
even staying long hrs in air-con room 
yes yes yes
my big day in Dec
I have not start with anything so I need to at least start with my complexion!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Have a break! Have KinohimitsuSG

It had been a long and bad week! 
Tons of stuffs happened and I really buay tahan liao
From my love xiaogu to my family to work to 爱… 
I gonna break down real soon!
I trying my best to make everyone happy but who gonna make mine
Not to pin point to anyone,anything! 
But now i realised no matter how close you are to tat person~~~ 
NEVER NEVER be too truthful! 
Coz no1 nobody can take it even it for their own good
instead ppl will blame you
(above exclude my hubb)
whole best hubb~the only one i can be truthful too
Thank hubb
Okay I dun wanna talk about this anymore
spoil my Friday 
Can't imagine how time flies! 
We have been back from Taiwan for a week or so already… 
and i already missing it… 
Didn't really get to enjoy tat much and many places i wanna go didn't manage to go 
due to unforeseen reason~ 
okay i know i know! 
Photos photos photos! 
 trying my best already! 
Was on 3 days mc due to sharp pain in my right eye… 
I was so pain tat i burst out crying shouting for my hubb
(okay abit dramatic la) 
Rushed to KTPH A & E 
but the waiting time was like crazy 80mins. 
kill mi pls… 
hubb dun wish mi to wait in pain for so long so we rushed to GP! 
 I had the worse weekend ever… 
eye still as red and as pain 
so hubb insisted mi to go KTPH eye clinic on monday and was given 3 days MC 
(This is life)
MC at home on Monday~ ~~
tuesday public holiday~ ~~
Wednesday went back to work due to report not yet done~! 
How cool is it right!
And still have to stay till 8pm to rush my report… 
Shag shag shag! 
Lucky enough! 
I have #kinohimitsusg
Thanks Kinohimitsu for the beauty drink for someone like mi 
who is having such a busy shag schedule!
Oh ya, yes...
I already done with 6 days Kinohimitsu D'tox juice and starting the collagen diamond 5300 drink for 4 days
maybe still in the early stage
but I have confident that it will really benefits mi just like the D'tox juice.
Will write my review on the D'tox juice in my next post...
Really looking forward for a better complexion for my big day in Dec...