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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Watson Moustache Stick

Simply Love the Watson moustache stick 
There is 7 colors to collect
Not sure how to get different color
so gonna try different outlets
since I got so many things to buy at Watsons de

Step 1: Spend S$15.00 to redeem Watson moustache stick
Step 2: Snap a photo of your best mustachio face
Step 3: Share on Intstagram
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All about selfiesss

Monday, September 16, 2013

Friday the 13th ~ Adventure cove

Last friday went to hubby's company event at Adventure cove
Kinda excited as this is our first time going there...
I really enjoy myself 
despite the rain and the sun

♥♥Simply us before Sentosa♥♥

♥♥Starbucks is a must♥♥
♥♥Adventure cove♥♥

♥♥with hubby & his colleagues♥♥

Adventure cove staff everywhere taking photo
making $$$
I wanna buy 1 back de
This is not cheap
1 photo with frame cost S$35.00
♥Before we get wet♥

Oh ya
I was scare out of my life
Some of you may be thinking ' It just a pool of water with fishes'
I had this stupid thinking
I'm in the sea
so I can't really move on
Hubby enjoying himself with his friends and I had to go up as I can't carry on at all
Kinda sad and disappointed on myself
How to go Maldives this way..

I spotted him first but did not managed to snap with him
Instead Hubby's colleagues managed to caught him
so freaking sad

Didn't manage to get a lot photo coz we didn't get the waterproof camera
what more! 
We spotted looked alike Tony Stark from Iron Man in the wave pool. ..
As we do not have camera with us
We didn't get to take photo with him
Plus we do not know whether is tat him
ended our day guessing and thinking if he is or not

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

♥Happy 8th Anniversary♥

It's our 8th years anniversary
Though we are legally husband and wife
we still haven't go though the chinese custom wedding
we are not allow to make baby
As mentioned in my instagram, ♥♥thanks dear for being there whenever I need u.. thank for tolerate my nonsense my temper my everything. . I wun promise tat I will change coz nonsense and temper is my everything but I will definitely be yr good wife and love you truely madly deeply♥♥
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♥♥My love♥♥


 Taken this morning before leaving home for work
We went to work today***on our special day
Not that we dun wanna celebrate
Just dun wanna waste our annual leave as we will need it next year for honeymoon

 Pedicure session @ Pinc Yishun
Pinc = pure indulgence nail care
SGD38 for pedi consider quite expensive lo
Other places can go as low as SGD25 or even 20 depending on places/areas
 I love going back to Pinc for pedicure and waxing

 Look like they have plenty of colours right..
Flankly speaking
mostly has the word 'N/A'
This is Evonne
I always request for her to do for mi.. 
not like some others
She dun anyhow do even when she's in a rush

Of course
Dinner with hubby for our 8th years anniversary
Xin Wang Hong Kong cafe for dinner
Though the foods taste okay only
Simple dinner with great companion means alots 

Hubby's chicken chop baked rice
Rice over cooked
Cheese too thick
Chicken tastes better
I think kim gary taste much better

Mine ~ pork cutlet ramen
Noodles cook too long and taste only sesame oil
Pork cutlet taste better but abit too fatty

Just ate a bite and realised
There's prawn!!!
hubby cannot eat prawn at all
I had asked abt the ingredients and was told by the manager that it's only pork and chives 
Lucky hub had the habit to wait for mi to have the first bite if not

Side dish ~ curry mayo dip with French fries
Taste as normal as ABC 
Somehow I miss Mac french fries liao
Anyway we still end our night early 
hub already in his La La land

Monday, September 9, 2013

♥ Hai Bin prawning (Bishan) ♥

Kinda sad..
Hai Bin Prawning Bishan had cease operation last weekend
after 6 years 
due to a sharp increase in rental
A wow 
300% increase
who can carry on with this increase
Sad to say
Another loss for us staying in the north
As hubby had bought 10hrs or so in Jan'13 from them
we had no choice but to go last weekend
that was lots of crowds
Lucky enough
we manage to choop a place near at the corner
where they 'top up' the prawns
he cannot eat prawns and I dun like eat too..
so we were like 2 dun eat prawns de go prawning... Haha

No more Hai Bin Prawning (Bishan)
for those whose still have left over hrs
still can visit them at their other branches in Jurong and Punggol
kinda far for us
staying in Yishun going to Jurong and Punggol la

Hubby waiting for his first catch
we didn't wait berry long for his first catch
kinda like 15mins
*da dang*
This was the largest catch for the day
One of the staff refilling the pool with prawns
so excited
didn't really catch much tat night...
 Just managed to catch 5
just 5 only
for like 3hrs of prawning
**sob sob**
still I did enjoy myself and will definitely go back to their branch
Sooner or later

Saturday, September 7, 2013

2D1N in Batam

Went for a getaways with my hubby's friends to Batam last weekend
To some ppl out there
Batam may be boring or for old uncles to find their 2nd 'chun"
But I love coming to Batam
For Massage 
For shopping (I mean supermarket shopping)
We stay in I hotel Batam

3 best things of this hotel
* 5 - 10min walk to Nagoya Hill
* Free Wi-fi in room and lobby
* Safe and clean and New

I Hotel, Batam, Indonesia
Check out this link:

If you were to take cab to get to the hotel
you will see sumthing cool
The guards will actually check every parts of the taxi for "bomb'
Just like Changi Airport
I'm sure if it is just I hotel or all hotels in batam

DDouble queen bed
Hubby always prefer hotels bed than our house's bed

With Hubby and his friends above..

As this is the second time here in Batam
I actually Google for any recommends for seafood restaurant 
since I had already tried Golden Prawn 933
I decided to go for Wey Wey at Harbour Bay 
Both located at different area
Flankly speaking
I dun really like the taste of the seafood 
Golden Prawn 933 or Wey Wey
for exmaple 
their chili crabs
Singapore chili crabs taste so so so so so much better

the prices is so so so so much cheaper to eat seafood 
in Batam than Singapore
All the above for 5 paxs plus individual drinks for around S$70
where to find in Sin

Look for we found ~~~ mini trolley for kid
Oh ya..
Special thanks to Eska Wellness 
Went for massage first thing after we had our lunch
Though this time we dun really enjoy the massage comparing to the first time 
they actually provide the extra miles
not sure if they could get commission 
They drove us to Harbour Bay for our dinner with comfy car
Of course 
we gonna go back hotel ourselves

Instead of having a early night after a long day
we kinda wanna get drunk
sorry not we, 
just the guys
Oh ya
we also order room service (one of the cheapest room services we had) to go with Chivas
Must order food; French fries
They served it hot

My hubby with his Chivas
he was trying to say is i wanna drink de

Breakfast at I hotel
Simply, nice and yummy

Despite being berry tired and shacked
we not ending the day tat easy
we went for the 7th month dinner at Toa Payoh with my family
One of the must have dinner for 7th month
Thank Daddy for the dinner
Thank XiaoGu Zhang for the ride home
Thank hubby for the accompany despite being so tired