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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Weekend ~ Ikea - ing

Weekend is over 
Not like yesterday stay home the whole day
Kinda spend my Sunday well
Went my in-law house for lunch and see see hubby's parents and ah ma
As usual
my in-laws packed super loads of the yummy stuffs for mi
for us lor (hubby will get super jealous de)
since in-laws going to relative's there
hubby and I decided not to go as we need to go Ikea to buy some stuffs to do up our hse
flankly speaking
our hse is kinda messy as we dun have much cupboard to store our stuffs
I believe all new hse is like tat de ba
seem like I always get out of track 
back to the Ikea topic
have snack~ie at Ikea food court
Simply love their chicken wings 
no matter how full we are
we still have to find a seat to sit down and enjoy their chicken wings
Yummy Yummylicous

Saturday, August 24, 2013

❤ Nuffnang ❤ Discuss.sg ❤ Adsense

I'm staying at home on a Saturday 
PT maid can only come up in the noon so cannot go out
Bendan Hubby been playing games since morning
I been tidying my hse before PT maid reach
(PT maid only help mi with ironing the clothes, sweeping and mopping the floor nia)
I still have to tidy up here and there
my hse look so messy
Move in my new hse for 1 year plus le 
most of our stuffs still in the boxes
mainly because it's all books and things we dun usually will use it
my studyroom not yet done up
Hub and I think that we can slowly take our time to it 
we will only held our wedding banquet next year 
baby making in 2015
This way, we will only need the room in 2 years time
Kinda excuses la..
Back to the stay home Sat~~
Recently has been berry active in blogging 
Hope will continue this way
Just added Nuffnang/Adsense today 
seem easy 
but not sure about my traffic
I should blog more posts to keep the traffic in
If possible
Just click on the ABs
I'm sure you can see all sorts of advertisements
which can benefit you

I just get hook on Discuss.com.sg
Simply click on the referral link below to join

(Appreciate if you dun delete my referrer id ~ jeanrin)
We can earn credits just by posting, voteing and etc...
Check it out
we may be chatting the next min..

10 things I miss about going Taiwan

I just love going to Taiwan
I just went twice last year and I still feel like going
Not able to make it this year
Kinda sad
Of course, hubby and I already planning to go next year with our family
I even bought another Taipei travel book
though I already have 3 Taiwan book
❤Get this at Kino ~ too many to choose from❤
❤Below are 10 reasons which keep bringing back to Taiwan❤
❤1❤ 7-11/Family Mart
They have simply everything
Not the 7-11 in Singapore which are boring and over-price
You will not get hungry in Taiwan for sure
Family Mart, 7-Eleven, and other convenience stores have everything.
❤2❤Yakult ~ ' 比菲多'
I always get my friends and family to get this back from Taiwan for mi
This is a must when I go Taiwan too
It really different from the one we drink in Sin
Of course
Size does matter
Big Yakult

❤3❤Maggi Mee - Cup noodles
Next big thing
There's meat contain in the packaging itself
which you dun have to put extra '料' at all
Photo credited by my aiai who just come back
You can get this in 7-11 or family mart
get it at their supermarket which cost just a bit lesser only
❤4❤ 金峰鲁肉饭 ~ Jin Feng Braised Pork Rice
Those who tried 胡须张卤肉饭
will definitely love this
Many thanks to my bridal in Taiwan
bought this back for us for dinner after the wedding shoot
'I must say they are really berry 客气'
though I heard from my friends, even from Google
that all bridal shops will do this way
like buying bubble tea/chicken cutlet... etc
As I was saying
Hubby and I really fall in love with it
even went back the next day to eat it 

❤5❤Hello Kitty Café
Another Photo credit from my Aiai
from her photo
I believe Hello Kitty Café just renovated
Can't wait to visit there once again
There's also Barbie café which haven't tried yet
so shall see if I wanna go both or forgo~ing 

❤7❤Din Tai Fung (鼎泰豐)
Pardon mi
 for this supeeeer big photo
A must try dish beside 'XiaoLongBao'
This pork cutlet fried rice is super yummylious...
A must order!!!
 ❤8❤Bubble Tea ~ 珍珠奶茶
Taiwan Koi call 50岚
I'm Koi lover❤❤❤
I can drink up to 5x in a week
I almost drink every day when I in Taiwan
which I was told that it is common in Taiwan when the girls can drink up to 3 cups per day
❤9❤Night Markets
 I believe night markets is berry famous in Taiwan
even for locals...
Feng Chia in Taichung
Shihlin, Raohe Street and Ningxia in Taipei
of course
Keelung Night market in Keelung (废话 right)
❤10❤ Orange Bear Plus size outlet
This is the best of all..
I always order online from my friends
will drop by their outlet in Taipei near city hall station
Best part is you can try till you get tired
it so much cheaper than buying online
Check it out peeps..!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Seven pearls of Wisdoms from Rebecca Butler

Read this article online this morning by Rebecca Butler..
**Not sure if I could just share it here**
But from the bottom of my heart
This is really good and true enough!
For sure
This is gonna be seven pearls of wisdoms for myself from now on...
1. Don't hold on to life too tightly.
You never know what the day might hold. Each moment is passing. Savour the moment to the fullest, then let it go. Recognise the impermanence of all things and as such, embrace and release. Be graceful when you let go. Strive to see the wonder of the moment - no matter what the scenario. It is not yours to understand, but rather, to behold.

2. Don't be afraid.
Fear will suck the life right out of you if you let it. It will rule you. It will ruin you. Rise above it. Do whatever it takes to manage your fear. Most often, giving your fear words will reduce its power. You shine light on fear when you voice it. It can't maintain a grip on you that way. Find someone you can talk to and share your fears. Don't keep them hidden. They grow in the dark.
3. Let your loved ones be; love them anyway.
You aren't always going to understand every choice the people in your life make. You aren't meant to. There's so much freedom in understanding that your loved ones just want to feel connection and worthiness - just like you. Even if you don't understand, agree with or approve of their choices, they still just want to be loved. Let go of the need to control, be right, or understand. Just love. Be love. Embody love. Uphold love. Share love. Love.
4. You be you. Love you anyway.
Don't hold back. Don't be afraid to shine. Even if your instincts are leading you somewhere or to something you've never heard of, imagined or fathomed before. Go there anyway. Cater to your creative whims and desires. Nurture them. Nurture you. Find whatever it is that sparks your soul and own it. Ride it like there is no tomorrow. Life is too short to live any other way.

Alone. Picture: Thinkstock.
Alone. Picture: Thinkstock. Source: Supplied

5. Accept and soften.
Acceptance is the way. It's difficult. Do it anyway. Don't fight. Don't hit. Don't annihilate. Just soften. Can you do that? Can you let yourself not be perfect? Can you understand that you're right where you're supposed to be at this moment? Can you find the gift in it? Give yourself the gift of understanding this truth: You are a magnificent creature of the Universe. Brilliant. Shiny. Bright. Perfectly imperfect. Be kind to yourself and know that everything is exactly as it should be. Soften into that truth.
6. Be humble.
You are not better than others. They are not better than you. Know when to back down and when to bow out. Know when to stand up for your beliefs. Don't be afraid to apologise. Don't be afraid to fight. It's a balance. Feel your way through. What you feel matters. Trust yourself in your humility. Stay connected to your motives and intentions. That's where the wisdom lies.

Live in the moment. Picture: Thinkstock.
Live in the moment. Picture: Thinkstock. Source: Supplied

7. Live passionately.
Live your dream. Go for it. Without apology and with gusto. Laugh loudly. Love strongly. Learn the ability to balance. Relaxation and effort. Passion and ease. Integrity and compassion. Strength and flexibility. Life is yours to savour. Make it so. Don't forget to have fun along the way. Yes, work is brilliant. So is joy. Joy is where your expansion happens. Joy.
This post was originally published on Mind Body Green.

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/relationships/pearls-of-wisdom-to-guide-your-life/story-fnet0he2-1226702554540#ixzz2cl05PWCI

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

❤Ours 27th birthday❤ The Beaufort Hotel ❤ Universal Studio ❤

Celebrating ours 27th birthday @ Sentosa this year
Simply love it.. ❤❤❤
Hubby decided to have a staycation for our 27th birthday
which we never had before
Been so excited about as we had planned months ago...
We chosen Amara Hotel as I get special rate from the help of my butts..
The room is fantastic
WE love the king-sized bed and most of all the toilet..

King-sized bed at Amara
Super comfy! 

If only I can have this dressing room in my toilet!

Hubby love this bathtub

Us @ Universal Studio
Woohoo! so excited coz it my first time here


Annual Pass for USS
This is how we look like

 Cookoo face
 Busybody Hubby
That's me

Love this the most though I'm not in the good form

Dun think my hubby looks sad 

He looks cute right...
 Pussypussy cat


 Mi with my roasted chicken
This is from the set menu which we get to noe that it's
One for one for annual pass holder
Nv regret getting the annual pass at all
 Hubby with his roasted chicken
Simply yummlious
 Pardon mi
Just wanna say
It's One for One whole day for Annual pass holder
Of course
1 for my hubby and 1 for myself
 My Bendan baobei didn't manage to snap the photo of me
being scare by Hershey's chocolate
❤❤❤ Simply in love with Universal studio though I didn't get to sit most of the rides
due to Hubby scare his glasses flew off
I did enjoy myself especially seeing the mascots
Gonna plan to go back again...❤❤❤

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

ANgry ANgry

Random post after 4mths plus...

Wanna post lovely photos de. .. Try uploading this afternoon but no time to upload everything.... In the end gonna start with a unhappy things for ny long lost posting...
Now trying using phone to update. .. Hope will turn out fine!

Suppose to be a happy Tuesday but end up  argument.. Always like that.. Just because he is tired after the whole day work. .. he still have to clean up the altar cause tml is the 15th of the chinese calender... he started to find faults... this wrong that wrong... wth!! I forget the flower at the sink he said mi for not keeping it in the fridge fine... tat my oversight!!! He started picking again... This time is ham ham HAM.... 'yr ham will spoil hor' I just rem... tat ham plastics bag is he carry de not mi lor... hence it suppose to be mi saying him hor...

Yes... I agree he is a wonderful and best hubby... but like I always say he love to find fault when he doing work and I comfortably seated down doing nth... for sure he sure wanna ask mi do thing de... have he thinks that how about when I doing housework leh... doesn't he sitting there playing games....

One word ---- EGO