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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Korean BBQ Rocks

First gathering dinner with my colleagues yesterday
Simply enjoying
( ^ v ^")
Korean Restaurant Manbok BBQ
Cheapest Korean BBQ which I had gone to so far
I believe should be becoz
they offer set meal which allow us to taste different kinds of meats 

Pork belly
Must must must order
Not as fatty as you see here

Seafood pancake
their standard always changing
 must really depend on your luck ba
Lucky us
This is yummy
Korean rice Cake!
New colleagues
they really rocks!
 Went to K-Box straight after we had our bbq dinner..
Smelly 4 of us
took the crowd train from Tanjong Pagar to Marina Square
Catherine and Elieen 
Mi and Eileen
Eileen and Melvin
They are just colleagues
but  dun they looks like couple together
Okay Must work liao
Holiday mood le leh
( 0 v 0")

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Long Weekend

Can't wait for the long weekend ahead!
I love short week
Long holidays plans ahead..
Starting from tomorrow everything is well plan
Going to have Manbok Korean Bbq with my colleagues tomorrow
Friday which is Good Friday
Going to JB for curry fish head and shopping day
May Be manicure sounds not too bad
Planning in process
Oh Sunday
Going Serangoon for flea market den to my grandma house
Speak about flea...!
It had been ages since I last go for flea market
Miss~ed those days
Those days of laughing and joking together
Miss-ed my god mom, god daughter, god son and god sister
Wonder how are they?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ramen Month

From last Friday , I had been having Ramen till today.. It tasted better each place I go to...
From Ramen Champion @ Bugis plus

To Ajisen Ramen @ Amk Hub

To Tonkotsu King @ Tanjong Pagar

Of course
Tonkotsu King win all
Free flow of bean spout 'Tau Gey' and eggss
But the queue is always berry long
Happy Queuing!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Xin Fu

Every love,
every xinfu,
every happiness and everything started last year 2012,
when my ah Bendan propose to me..
 It really caught mi in surprisess...
 Still, I blame him for not letting me know earlier so I can wear dress or even nicer den short... OMG!!
 Although, there is no video recorded on that day he proposed
(super doper sad, but area too dark no point take video)...
 I love the balloons alot though we had difficultly taking cab and end up taking train with many envy faces looking at us...
 I just love this feeling.. Wuhaha
Thanks Hubby for the wonderful moment! ||(^o^)||
I love you

Special credit to my Aiai and Suzi Babe for this photo

Super pretty but heavy bouquet of roses

Queuing up for date for enangment
This day, 
I'm officially Mrs Yin...
I'm married
Finally my dream comes trueSsS
Oh ya, our wedding photos!
We took our wedding in Taiwan last year
I'm not allow to post it anywhere even in FB 
coz we still haven't held our wedding dinner/ceremony yet
hence my hubby dun wish to publish any photo
Sad me
Been wanna upload the photos
Let's wait!

Pretty mi

Officially Mrs Yin on 11May2012