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Monday, February 25, 2013

Back dated - 22 February 2013

Somehow it already become a must to eat at slightly good food on Friday or maybe some restaurant/s
Maybe because I'm currently working at Tanjong Pagar area, keep wanna eat this eat that!!
Plus both of us are earning slightly more den last time
And YES! I putting on weight for the past 2 months... 

Last Friday, after choosing this and that, we decided to settle our dinner at Rama Thai Restaurant... 
Somehow making piss off with their service attitude... 
Hello We are not rich but we still can afford this!!!
Below are what we had order and this is all the so call S portion...
For 2 pax, the lady waiter asked whether we wanna get M portion
When we replied No, the lady gave us a face, which tells me that 2 pax order so little
Thinking the portion may be small, I told my hubby that we can go find dessert after dinner
To our surprise!!!
The portion was big...
I do not think that for this S portion, my hubby and I can even finish it
I believe that the lady wanna promote more to get more order for that night 
But I dun think that is a good idea for her to promote M portion when it is only for 2 paxs
There's goes my dessert of the day (*o*")

Not so fresh crab beehoon
Ate 1 and both of our mouth feel itchy

At least!! This is yummy
Lemon fried chicken

Not the Olive rice that I thinking of
Not too bad
But we are toooo full to finish this
In the end, we left almost half of this...

Yesterday marked the end of 2013 Chinese New Year..
And is my 4th or 5th times having Yusheng ~ 'Lo Hei' 
This tastes the best coz it is made by my XiaoGugu and it simply tastes so yummy..

Home-made Yusheng
done by my Xiao gu
Home-made Yu Sheng

Huat ah !!!

My hubby is allergy to peanut  hence
we lao yusheng without the peanut first..

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Humpz!! Trying to use my iphone4 to write this blog
Hope will turn out right...
Currently at my main office, sitting back and relax!!
As I station at Tanjong Pagar area,
1 of my Director requested that I should be at my main office at least 1 day
But to think...
I do not have any lappy, no software no nothingsss
Plus here all speak japanese how to communciate!!
Every week 3 hrs doing nothing to some ppl may be heaven
But to me is such a torture man...
But what to do...
So i decided, i should pick up japanese langauge
so i can understand what they talking about...
Somehow, still I miss my old job
I mean the job scope not the company ar...!!
At least last time I noe what I am doing and what i should do
Now, what I'm doing is more on financal and management
More challaging
More things to do
I noe that I'm still new on current job and job scope
But I really wanna do it right and well...
That is my expectation for myself...
Sometime really feel useless when I dun understand and nv do well
Still I will do my berry best of coz with the support from my hubby...!


 My best buddies...
Almost 12 years and adding of friendships...
Times passes real fast.. Kinda scary!!
But we shall get stronger and closer each..
Though our another best buddy Shaun will no longer stick with us
Still we never missed him out...
Maybe one day, ya! One day... Whatever!

All this taken on Chinese New Year 3rd Day...
And finally we remember to take photosSs..

Cny 2013

With a glance, 2013 Chinese new year is going over soon...
Somehow, I realized this year is kinda quiet yet berry busy.. 
Think this is because of I have my berry own house to maintain..
I love what I have today and I will definitely treasure it..

Let have some water-mouthing time!!!
Goodies at home!
Look at the big big portionsss

Hubby n Mi

Happy Big Family

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Chinese New Year 2013

Chinese New Year is coming in 3 days!!!
This year kinda special for me..
First year celebrate cny at my new house with my hubby
First year First day I'm not at ah ma's hse waiting for relatives to come up
First year first day I gonna rush to everywhere my hubby goes
First year my hubby's popo not around with us
As this year my Zodiac mention tiger need to pamper themselves..
See! I also done my gelish and pedicure..

Love this year fortune!

2013 outlook is good. This year is a great opportunity to expand the network

Control mood swings
Learn to communicate tactfully to avoid disputes

Wealth luck is good
Can start up business venture or invest properties
However, do not let emotions overran it

Insomnia and migraines may be manifestation of work stress
Take things at a slower pace and make time to pamper and indulge myself