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Saturday, November 26, 2011


Management meeting yesterday...
Everyone in office was so nervous and low moral due to last month 3 ppl being retrench 
It was quite a big impact for all the staffs, one of them had even worked for 30 over years..
First thing my manager came in was to call up my name
I was shocked and almost fainted(juz being kua zhang la)
Ermz... she mentioned my name was being mentioned in the management meeting..
I was like humpz... die liao la...
In the end, it was actually an encouragement...
I was being praised..
After this 4 years with my company, I was being praised..
At least I feel recognize after all my hard work...
This really means alot to me...
Next week, i will be all alone with my work, 
at least I know i should work harder abit stress but i know i can do it
struggle abit more 
after my exam, after next year, everything will be okay..
Today Escape Theme Park will be coming to the end, going into history
Kinda miss those days, all 16-20 years old kiddo hanging all around
playing hard working hard..
Most of us will be gathering together on this special day..
Gonna take more pictures and upload here okok...
Kicking off my book for now and hit straight to Escape Theme Park 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Today was such a busy and tiring day.. My partner on MC today again and I gonna rush my work out..
Not a single free time for me to even chit chat.. Haha This way was great too.. Less talking more work, time passes real fast.. My Monday passed so fast.. Cannot post much today gonna go back to study.. I'm tired... I hope i can rest.. 3 more weeks ba... Jiayou!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

1 week had passed again

It's Monday tml again.. Been a busy week, had been helping my company to work as coordinate a student group from several countries.. I had been waking up @ 6am everyday as need to be at the hotel @ 730am.. Though I'm really berry tired but this is a wonderful experience which I dun mind to help up again next time haha.. Oppz Forget to mention.. Of coz I was being paid for this extra work with extra $$$.. I even intro my bendan this job... 
I miss going Flea.. Over there I'm really myself and all the friends I make over there were great.. Forget to mention, I even got myself a new mother, big sister and even got myself my 'Gan Nu Er and Er Zi'... Both of them are still young and innocent and cute.. I love chatting with them, listening to them talking all sort of stuffs which all teenager will talk of.. Kinda miss them, i can onli see them in Dec.. Right now.. I gonna work hard for my exam.. Repeating myself!!! I'm not going to fail again..

Monday, November 14, 2011


Oh shitz it's Monday..
However, my monday goes pretty well today.. Except for the stupid thing that I had done.. Almost burst out.. I mistook 2 $100 note as $50 note, stupid enough, i had been counted and confirm I'm right and kept flipping through my bag hoping the other 2 $50 will come out by itself if not I gonna fork out the $100... In a minute, I re-counted (which I had re-counted at least 5 times) and I realised the 2 $100 notes making myself soo stupid.. Bleah**
Bendan comes up my hse accompany mi.. Supposedly i should be studying with him de but hohoho my eyes are closing, gonna silently lie on the floor and snore..

Sunday, November 13, 2011

What a Beautiful Sunday!!

Whole night been dreaming of what I study last night.. Could be due to study till too late at night coz i dun think i remember a single stuffs.. Oh gosh.. How to pass like that.. But i really need to pass.. My results had been getting worse and worse.. I know I did not work hard for the pass exams but I really did my best for my audit exam yet I failed it.. Really disappointed!
Early in the morning woke up just wanna get into my book.. But my poor Bendan woke up with a terrible toothache and cannot sleep through the night ( though i heard him snoring).. Gonna check Dental clinic opening hours for him.. The nurse was great and good enough to slot him in but we gonna be there in 15 mins. That was like a waiting game.. If the first patient come out late and the patient is here then oh too bad we gonna make another appointment..
However, my bendan was lucky in enough to slot in.. Did not expect him to pluck out the tooth but I believe the tooth already get decay way down to the root ba.. Poor boy!!! See him in such pain make mi heart pain though I was laughing all the way back (due to his jokes)..
I shall accompany him to starve till he can eat which another 2 hrs time.. Ren!!!!!
Haha still i cannot fight with starving.. Had my brunch without my bendan... sorry! Watching Korean variety show - Family outing.. It really a nice show-so funny that my tears started rolling...
Oh dear.. my poor boy is down with fever..His whole body is berry hot lor.. should be drinking too much blood down the throat.. He's now fast asleep.. plus last night he did not sleep well...
I'm here revising my note again..
Fallen aslp..
Woke up by my xiao gu zhang.. In a sleeping and gong gong mode: Being ask to call mi by my daddy to ask mi whether got go for dinner next week.. haha I replied of course i wan.. Food leh.. haha
Speak to the devil!! I'm super hungry right..
Ate dinner with bendan.. Yummy!! Rush into the bedroom just wanna watch 第17届新加坡金曲奖
@ channel U.. No more posting liao.. Like that goes on.. dun need to study lo...
Will update later again if can...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

SkunkJuice earbuds

Interesting!!Skunkjuice earbuds! Sharing music!!
Have you ever heard before of sharing music.. check this out! with 1 sound/music, you are able to share with up to 4 friends..
There's more videos regarding this Skunkjuice earbuds ~ Aaron Carter in one of the video..

What important is we selling this earbuds with one year warranty from our supplier... 3 cheers!!!

After 9 days, I'm back.. Been stress over my revision.. Being stress to get good marks.. Just reach Bendan's hse to start study and I have not start flipping my note.. oppz.. but how to start when i see black face and bombing here and there.. Hate it man.. Just becoz of the chicken rice, and here i am accepting attitude.. what the hell is that lor!! I know it really not filling and I did ask whether u wanna get other stuffs and u reject de and seem like u like blaming all the stuffs to mi.. Forget it la.. Just gonna be over.. Listening to 你好吗-周杰伦.. repeating and repeating and i will feel beta... I really need to get back to my notes only left with 3 weeks liao.. Jiayou

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Let mi try to post just a little each day.. I believe it wun hurt..
Few more hours and it gonna be Friday.. Cant wait for this weekend~super long weekend.. Going flea @ Scape this weekend and shall be our first and the last one for this Nov.. Both me and my bendan need to prepare for our final paper, plus i had fail my audit paper (which is I had been quite confident with) 3 papers this time round so gonna be even hardworking and I'm trying... Jiayou!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

As usual and expected, it has been forever since i last blogged.. Kinda tied up this 2 years.. study, working, flea-ing.. Oh ya, I started going flea since Feb'11... Shall update more in near future.. Cool bi le..
Suddenly get inspired by a blogger(bongqiuqiu) yesterday, ya just yesterday.. Watch channel 8 特写 - 部落格女孩.. kinda ~~~ i wanna blog again.. Not as if i wanna be like her la.. Oh gosh.. seen her twice.. first @ art museum, second time @ Scape youth park when she doing Charity for Gentle paws~hope i get it correct..