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Friday, March 6, 2009

Really berry long nv update le...
Hey prince, thanks for reminding me(free go shopping and dining...I miss those days)
Gonna update rite away before i forgot...
This few months reali done lots of things...
January busy with Chinese New Year stuffs and baking cookies with my bendan and pineapples tarts with my Xiao Gu... Fun year this year... Of course Big JAck 21... This year didn't play much coz new year fall on weeksday, after the two days gonna go back to work liao so not much days to play... But frankly speaking I reali enjoy my New Year this year...
February busy with looking forward for my Valentine's day... Bendan and me had our romantic 'er ren si jie' at Downtown East... I gonna plan go again, coz I juz loving it... Perhap should plan to Genting... We shall see...
I went for CSP- Certified Services Professional course on 19-25 Feb... I learn to think positively, to be a team player, strive for improvement....etc.... AT first I really dun find any reason/s for me as a account credit officer to go there for... Guess what... the second,third really change my mindset... I learn alot of things and complain less(fyi, course didn't teach us this, but once you had change your mindset and attitude to positive, alot of your behavior will change automatically) I enjoy my class with all my new frenz... They are great and we already planning for a gathering in June after our lecturer finish her exam( she is still having exam, this too motivate me to go look for a night class to study) She will be treating us to Grand Hyatt and we shall see....
Juz started with Facebook and really addicted to pet society, been playing it almost everyday and I even influence my Bendan to join me and he too addicted... and now i noe he had so much frenz than me... Who cares!
First week of March - I received my Prince's msg... Really surprise yet happy lor.. it's been 2 months or so we had yet go out for shopping and gossiping.. Really miss those days especially in the swimming pool( you noe what i mean). Find some day go out lo... Hear you say you had started working your berry first Full time job, wish you all the best kays...

Friday, January 9, 2009

All thanks to my shifu and I had been busy with my closing at work..
But I prove myself that I can do it even with out her man... Anyway when she around more slow lor coz I gonna 'respect' her, ask her can close anot this and that.. Without her bugging I can do faster lor... Somehow, I tink it abit too much for her to take so many urgent leave somemore at closing which we are not suppose to.. I noe la, she can't help it coz her baby ger is sick but it's impossible for her to stay 24 hrs beside the baby somemore still got the mother-in-law taking care - normally weekdays is her mother-in-law taking care of the baby de. This can't be fake ba... She told me when the baby cry, got blood, if so, y wait till yesterday den bring the baby to hospital. Dunno she noe how to take care of the baby mar.. Oppz...Hope the baby will be okay..

It's Friday again... Today actually wanna take leave but too bad, my shifu take urgent leave so I cannotttt......Tonight wanna go watch movie ' Cliff 2 '.. I'm tired, really tired, need to release abit liao... Been working hard, late at work becoz of closing plus i'm been sick for a week or more le lor... Too bad... bendan nv buy the ticket early now we cannot watch it today but tml liao... Wat to do... Almost full house lor sianz... All so early buy ticket liao should go buy yesterday...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year to My Bendan Baobei..
Happy New Year to all my buddies and frenz...
Kinda late greeting
Paiseh wor
Yesterday went Bugis to shop for new year clothes
But too many ppl le plus I'm sick
so mi and bendan went over to PS to shop
kinda window shopping
I reali like it leh
dun have to spend alot but still enjoyable
Only bendan buy 2 polo tee
Today again...went over to Bugis
Buy alot of things today
a top,a jean,a 3/4 pant and a pair of shoe for New Year lea
Bendan too buy 2 3/4 pant and a polo tee
reali enjoying my weekend
tml gonna work le sianz..