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Monday, October 20, 2008

Meet Bendan for dinner..
Pass him the bag i bought for him at Zinc
no special occasion la
Juz tink that he like it alot so juz buy lor
despite i already broke for this month le
Hope he reali like it lor
In the end
Bendan brought me go eat Seoul Garden
he noe I love to eat there
But we onli eat for an hr plus coz it's getting late
and he still had alot work to rush
Thank Bendan for the dinner
Finally it's Friday
Nv reali go anywhere
Juz meet up to eat dinner at E-link mall there
Eat the Korea food not berry nice somemore berry expensive
Bendan eat porridge
den saw his frenz eating himself so jio him eat with us
in the end bendan throw me alone eat
he kept talking to his frenz
so I alone sat there watch the tv lor
sad rite
Went to play arcade
Again play the sweet jackpot
Win a jackpot again plus another bag of sweets
Oh forget to update here
last weekend we use 30 over dollar
win 2 jackpot plus half big bag of sweets(enough for us to eat for a few year lor)
Thank bendan for letting me play again and again
wasting our money on it
I dunno y i juz like to play
not becoz can get jackpot or becoz the sweetie
I promise not to go arcade for this few months till I save back my saving
At night went mustafa with Bendan's family again
His daddy bought a boxing bag for his bro
so good rite
Didn't buy much thing for myself but for bendan
Den went eat supper at Lau Pa Sat.
The food there berry expensive and not nice at all
maybe the nice food stall all close liao la
Reach home 3 plus
slp like a log liao lor...
46 more days to 6 Dec
Yesterday whole day stay at bendan's house
Actually planning go play badminton de
We even bought the net and shuttlecock lor
But before we go prepare to play,
It started to rain berry heavily.
So gonna stay home lor.
Anyway me and bendan woke up quite late mar
In the end, I stayed home plan the itinerary for the taiwan trip
I use whole day to plan lor
Alot of efforts and work de hor..
So far plan till day4
But i reali try my best liao leh
I gonna do the berry good job de
No objection planning more on shopping rite hee
20 Oct
It's monday again
Again Again Again..
Totally no mood to work
especially morning argue with my bendan
It's oso my fault la
early in the morning say him give him attitude
But from then he kept giving me a harsh time and words lor
even when i already apologise to him many many time le leh
Yet he still not happy with it
Still kept pin-point me here and there
From then i kept give him faces liao till he talked nicely to mi lor
Give him 1 inch, he wan 1 ruler
Lucky enough we are okay before i alight if not I even no mood to work
Anyway Sorry Bendan for my temper
U still owe me 1...........

Friday, October 17, 2008

Last weekend again went to chalet but is at Aloha and is with my family..
My Cousin Gwen 2nd birthday..
Happy birthday my ger!!!
I took 2 days leave as it fall on sunday - tuesday..
I had a wonderful times over there with all my family member
playing mahjong
And my xiao gu cook 'man han quan xi' for the two days lor
She cooked alot of stuffs lor
It super yummy...
Thank Xiao Gu..
I love playing with Gwen lor
She like grown up alot
Now like to talk alot and berry naughty
still berry cute and pretty...
Can't wait to see her soon next weekend ba
Bendan didn't stay with me at chalet
throwing me all alone lor
Even playing with Gwen
At times still sianz coz feeling so alone
haha when not playing mahjong la (lose $5 buck for the pass 2 days)
Too bad bendan need to study
Study more important mar cannot blame him
But quite ke lian him
still gonna all the way down
first day gonna fetch his parents at airport(came back from China)
Second day finish class come down
still gonna walk all the way in from downtown
den 10 plus gonna rush for the free bus to mrt station
Lucky xiao gu zhan drove him out but need to leave at 930
shorten our loving time
sorry bendan coz it fall on the weekday
u cannot stay
Quite not use without u at chalet
Dun worry i gonna open 1 more time when i had the $$$ okay
Went back to work liao..
Super doper sleepy and no mood to work lor
Been pushing time
Times flies so slowly lor
Tink becoz tonight not going to meet my Bendan
Went shop at Far East with my colleague
Bought a backbag for bendan hope he does love it lor
See i so good
So heavy still gonna bring to AMk den tml back to Orchard den to Tampines
muz dote me even more mar
Reach home ard 8, bath finish eat dinner
and ard 10plus I went to bed le
Woke up at 7.30am
still not late hor
still can iron my clothes
den went to work..
Much refreshing at work and back to normal
Times flies fast today
Meeting my Bendan to eat dinner and pass him the heavy bag
He reali love the bag
Went eat at Seoul Garden
Thank bendan..
Acutally no special occasion lor
Juz chong yi xia zi ji
I didn't eat much
K.O. berry fast
Bendan still can eat reali more meat
Sorry Bendan waste your money hee...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I had the most wonderful cool weekend with my ITE buddies..
Reali miss them alot lor...
It had been almost 3 months since we last met..
Dun forget our agreement ar
To meet up every 2 months hor
Cannot bu steady huh
Post some of our photo over here
the rest gonna wait for Enjing to send me ar..
All of us had grown up le
we had all changed alot but our friendship had never change
And will nv change okay...
You guys are the most best buddies frenz I ever had
Promise we will always stay the same
Let's look out for our next meeting
I will plan again lor...

My best buddy-he juz getting emo oppz is he?

Our bui steady kaijie and me!!!

B4 going on to Priate ship

Only they 3 up there...
Me annie and my bf juz too scare to go on

Later we gonna get wet man...

Steady man..Inverter...Jia you

Can see where are they mar...

paiseh...too fast didn't manage to get your faces

Blower ride of the day

Thank bendan for starting the fire.. You are the best of the best..

Our cooks of the day...

Thank to pirate ship making Enjing no strength liao...

I'm the big winner haha... Thanks buddies...