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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Today i took off again...
Firstly is Bendan off day today
wanna spend my day with him
if not i start new job liao cannot like today liao
reali no mood to work liao lor
maybe becoz it's my second last day at work liao ba
at least mi now beta liao lor
wun MIA leh
anyway i go work oso nothing much to liao lor
all teach the new ger
who learn super doper slow
they offer so high pay yet like tat
so wat if she is a A-level student waiting for result
my boss still say becoz he had higher cert. so offer her higher pay
bullshit rite
she oso no experience mar
somemore learn so slow
i dunno la
anyway i'm leaving liao
i dun have to care so much liao mar
will consider coming back when they would offer mi 1.5 and above ba
'lion open it big mouth'
finally tml last day liao
dun tink can alway update my blog liao
coz bigger company
more ppl around cannot play play liao
anyway i can train hard to be more responsible
and more OL
which my Bendan will love it
Later will be going watch Ah Long Pte Ltd
i watch the CJ7 and KungFu dunk
both super doper nice
hopefully Ah Long wun disappointed mi lor
next week or tis Sat going watch L change the world

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Oh it's Saturday once again...
kinda sianz sianz at work
morning bendan pei wo go eat breakfast
eat my favorite wanton noodles
so long bendan nv pei wo eat breakfast liao
thank bendan for waking up early in the morning juz to pei wo eat
yesterday take urgent leave staying back at home
can say doing nothing
but is actually i wanna pei bendan
coz i tot he go Expo tat air show will be back early
but in the end
he going out with his frenz
so i stay at home lo
dunno y since he back from Thailand i been sticking berry close with bendan
tink reali miss him too much liao lor
now every night i need him beside mi den i can slp lor
mushy rite
but i oso dunno y
Thank bendan for sticking with mi
loving mi with all yr might
I reali love u so so so much....
Recently read lots of news
especially news casting Edison de
somehow last time i quite like his show de lor
but recently he became berry famous once again
the AV guy
even at work oso been talking about him lor
so cute rite
every1 had their own point of view lor
dun be surprise there's reali lots of view lor
i dun tink they can'y juz blame onli Edison
isn't the women at fault too
is themselves wanna take all those pics
do all those stunts
oh anyway it's none of my business too
it onli my point of view
no offence kayz...

Friday, February 15, 2008

I had a wonderful Valentine's day yesterday
went eat at Cafe Cartel
though the food there not berry nice
but it's not bad ba
though at night i 'xie du zi'
but it's okay

bendan eating St Louis Pork Rib

oh...this is good..
spicy chicken wing...

this is mine...
forget wat the name liao..
dunno wat chicken carlet

taken on the bus...
abit dark

for sure we are reali loving..
who can fight with us...hee

All the above is bendan buy for mi for Valentine's DAy
cute rite
cool rite
Thank Bendan for Everything

This is wat i buy for him..
Anniversary cum Valentine's day
I noe he reali love it for sure coz it's from mi...

Thursday, February 14, 2008

today is Valentine's day leh...
somehow dunno wat to buy for bendan
so tink tonight i treat him eat dinner
actually i already given him the Jay world tour dvd le mar
as our anniversary cum valentine present
but tinking i wanna it to be berry unforgettable de mar
we tinking go Cafe Cartel to eat
we reali had no where to go liao
somemore we tml still gonna work so cannot go out too late if not later tml sure berry tired de
actually i wanna bring him go Swissotel merchant court
eat their buffet
but their reservation fully booked liao
so too bad lor
can't wait for tonight liao
though i had no present for bendan
maybe tonight see how i go buy if i got see any nice stuff
prehap jay cd lor
which he wanna to buy 1 mar...
i hate my hair man
with those fizzy dry hair
lucky it's all hidden inside so no1 will noe it
but i juz dun like it..
sooner if i cannot stand it i gonna cut it all short liao
but i wanna do wavy curly again lea but now with such a short hair how to make
of coz not like tat time my hair la
i doing big wave big curl 1
see how ba..

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year to every1 out there...
kinda late wishes but beta den nothing rite
been busy sticking together with my bendan from eve till haha even now lor..
juz miss him too much liao
juz wanna treat him well
juz wanna spend more time with him
juz feel we getting closer
even closer liao
we been berry loving since the day he came back
hope tis will go on and on...
Yesterday went out lunch with my colleagues
kinda touched lor
they treat mi eat lunch at forget which restaurant
eat their porridge buffet...
not bad leh
can go try eat and it's berry cheap leh
5.90++ onli leh
ermz...den they too bought mi pooh bear puppet
so cool rite..
i gonna treat them eat next week...
Meet up bendan at 630pm
go catch the 725pm show 'CJ7'
oh my goodness it's reali a great show
can't imagine tis minute i laugh till i drop
next minute i flood the treatre...
i reali like the show
next show i gonna watch the basketball show by jay
and ah long pte ltd
i'm not going to miss it
bendan bring mi go eat at 'Ajiensan' raman restuarant
too bad i dunno how to spell
so sorry hee
bendan noe can liao
the food there not bad and oso not berry expensive lea
we celebrate our belated 29th month anniversary
tml gonna celebrate Valentine's day liao
dunno where to eat lea
how ar...
anyway i given him present yesterday liao
so now is he owe mi liao
i bought him Jay world tour taipei concert dvd plus dunno wat pouch
look expensive but it's onli cost mi $27.90
but guess wat
i saw at Tampines MJ
it's cost $32.90 leh
it's more expensive lor somemore i buy at MJ too but at Tiong Bahru de
lucky i nv tink twice b4 i buy for bendan
if not i sure regret de...
today my another colleague,manager
treat us eat golden pillow
as my farewell lunch
not too bad lea
thank every1 for treating so good but sorry i gonna go

Friday, February 1, 2008

6 more days to go…
It’s like finally liao….
Yesterday have a great time chatting with Bendan
den forget to tell him something berry touching and sweet thing happen yesterday afternoon…It’s abt his mummy de…
I dunno I can explain well here…
Oh it’s start with she call mi yesterday afternoon tink after she call my bendan…
den as I dun reali noe who call mi so I ask who’s tat mar…
guess wat she say…?
she say yr mummy la…
I was like huh y my mum will like of alll sudden call mi
need money is it...
but in the end she say auntie la…
dunno wat she say next abt daughter this kind of thing…
isn’t it berry sweet?
I was like wow…
hee but forget to tell my bendan..hee…
he sure will be berry happy for mi rite…
I mean happy with mi la…wahaha…
cool isn't it..
i was so touch and happy lo...
could any1 understand my feeling hee
Tml still gonna work kinda berry sianz lor
coz reali nothing to do liao lor
I clear everything yesterday liao lor…
today left invoicing nia…
I scare if I do finish den tml I die liao lor…
nothing to do den sure will fall aslp liao lor…nvm…
download games maybe even songs…
I dun care liao..hee…
I now reali nothing to do lor been yawning since juz now lor eyes already so small le now even more worse lor keep crying man…
Eyes getting smaller and smaller lor…
20th Feb will be my last day over at Siam Express...
everything here isn't tat bad
but Pay kinda less and no incentive no everything
I do feel bad for leaving my Si fu
i dunno lea
but they give the feeling since the day i confirm resign is bad lor
like yesterday,
the cheque book they normally kept in the cupboard
for mi to issue cheque de
in the end
i realise it's not there anymore liao lor..
anyway i dun care much liao lor...
at least i see their true color..
tat reali disappointed like everything was juz fake...
wat funny is i'm going to start my the other job on 21st feb
rite after my last day lor
cannot even rest
but at least gonna have pay through out lo...
at least this time will get even higher pay liao leh
hopefully i can manage to save up liao