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Friday, December 28, 2007

I'm eating snake once again
dun like tat la finally i can at least slack abit leh...
been rushing off all my invoice coz it's going be another long weekend after Christmas
It's like going end of the year liao
time flies reali fast and it's like going end of 2007 lo
2008 is coming like another 2 days
i got alot of wonderful Christmas presents man
i should say i'm like berry surprise
Thank every1...
Bendan, pls dun tink so much la
u already given mi a berry wonderfull present le mar
W910i rem!
I reali love it no worry
u already spend so much how am i suppose to ask for another present u tink i so greedy meh
or maybe i am?
hope u like the contact len which cost mi a bomb hor
so much wear it if u feel heart pain for mi...
berry fast another 20 days u will be flying to thailand liao left mi all alone for 2 weeks haiz
got to go find my Prince for this 2 weeks
if we can meet up la
Yesterday went watch 'The Warloads' with my bendan
not bad lor
but not reali tat fantastic as wat my frenz told mi
still i did enjoy the show...
I like the guy 'Wu Yang' in the show
to mi,he is the hero instead though he's berry funny in the show
Tml is my off day SAturday once again
another long weekend as monday oso half day mar
cool rite
but too many days off kinda lazy to go work
but once at work,i busy like hell lor everything i got to do lor...
anyway at this Coming New Year..
I hereby wishing all my frenz and family
Happy New Year!!!
Enjoy holiday...
and may all my wishes come true the coming year...

Friday, December 21, 2007

Rite now i super angry with my colleague
tat stupid 'TauWU'
he and his stupid mouth...
is the operation side who mis-look the period of the ticket
for wat say is account fault...
I only order according wat given mi,how i noe how much needed...
say till berry easy juz keep 10 in stocks
he work here so long liao
dun he noe child tickets seldom use 1 meh
the ticket will expire in 3 months(if i'm not wrong)
who going to pay for it?
is he?
of coz wun ok u tink he so great meh...
i reali piss off lor...
he got car leh can't he juz go and take it
not as if wan him to pay mar
lazy juz say la dun say not free, dun give all those stupid excuses
he tink he's funny but i tink he make himself like an idiot joker
i dunno i juz dun find his joke funny but stupid
anyway my colleagues all gone case 1 lucky account still normal if not...
who care
i juz do my work and get my pay
i not going to care much

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

@-he just dun get it-@
we quarrelled again last sunday. It was the most frastruate day man. The word nearly spilled off my mouth. Perhap this another reason y i kept dun wan to stay over at his hse. It berry different one. I mean the way he treats mi. I sure if i'm not staying with him at least he wun take mi for granted but i'm confident we qill quarelled even more often. So wat reali is in my mind? Sorry bendan...i'm sorry for being so childish,petty and short temper but it isn't wat i wan too.I had change alot, ya is change for the the better but i noe it's not enough.But Do u noe it's berry tiring when i'm been trying hard to change yet u had more thing more mi to change. And till now,u dun even change wat i wan u to change lor. Isn't it unfair? I ask u to change not for the sake of myself onli leh is oso for yr family lor. Dun u tink tat nowadays especially since i go over and stay with u,u seldom tink of mi? Did u tink of mi when u are lazy wanna slack about playing yr games, I get to do everything.I'm human too I too wanna slack wanna be lazy but i can't.
Do u noe i nv been so tired before? It berry pissed off when i' doing work when other all did nothing at all. Now i understand 1 word - u nv noe how hard the thing is until u are into it!
This feww days or even weeks i been anyhow tink lor perhap maybe thank to my colleagues ba. Their bf been sending them to and fro from work even though they got to go work. I didn't expect u do tat everyday but at least when u not working rite or maybe at least pei wo wake up like i alway do when u work earlier den mi or i off day but instead of pei wo, u wake early juz to play games lo.It's not tat i dun like u to play but muz control de mar. I dunno wat u may tink after reading this la but i hope it's for the beta la hee...but no matter wat u alway my bendan beobei. nothing can change this fact..

Thursday, December 13, 2007

the tattotist
went to watch last nitez
hee i got complimentary ticket for 1 onli la so bendan gonna pay
but it's onli like 7 bucks
okay la
the show worth watching lo
not scary but disgusting lo
imagine the skin kanna peel off
wat do you u tink haha...
den imagine kanna tatto till u die
oh my god
finally auntie,uncle are back from holiday
they went to vietam for holiday,enjoy life rite,throw everything to mi la
see la i got high blood pressure lo
too bad cannot go airport fetch them as their fight is 2pm and i'm rite here working lo
tink tonight will got good food ba
coz last time when they come back from korea oso got mar
i dunno la
all i noe i berry sad coz i still cannot go oversea
when is my turn man
been looking forward and forward
from sept till dec
now gonna wait till next year june liao lor
i noe la it's oso good la
can save up more den can shop more la but i feel like going asap lo
maybe becoz i nv took the plane b4 mar
abit over excited i noe
too bad my bendan cannot go so i gonna pei him
i dun care next year june i muz go..maybe two countries...
hong kong is for sure
and maybe thailand
so gonna save even more
i muz control my hand not to spend so much buy so much thing liao

Thursday, December 6, 2007

it's over
juz over...
i reali cannot stand it anymore

last tuesday went over to Bendan's base
their family day...
abit boring la as my bendan kept join his frenz left mi and his parents behind
aiya i already use to it liao lor
something great was tat we gonna the chance to get so close to F16
so cool man
we even got the chance to get inside the plane
but too bad i scare lea dun dare to go in
in the end make my bendan piss off lea
lucky in the end okay liao
if not i sure going to 'fa biao' wahaha
another great ting was we gonna go up to their base tower
the tower to view the whole area plus see plane this and tat like wat we see in the movie
berry cool seldom got tis kind of chance to go 1 lor
too bad cannot take pic
ya 1 more ting
we gonna chance to sit in the fire engine
once in a life time man
it's reali great to go there lor
thank bendan...
another day had pass
my annual juz pass so fast and quick
i still haven't enjoy finish lea
can time move slowly when i'm not working
but faster when it's time to get pay
fat hope rite

Monday, December 3, 2007

To She....her...
wat reali had happen...could anyone tell mi...
suddenly you juz MIA juz like tat
did i did anything wrong...
or did i say anything wrong?
but i rem..i berry long nv talk to liao leh
is our friendship end juz like tat
i dun wish too...
even wanna end it at least could let mi noe wat had happen
i read yr blog
it's juz make puzzled
it is referring to mi,i dunno,i reali dunno
but it's true tat i msg u,u nv reply mi nor ans my call
i reali dunno wat to say
even it's not referring to mi
y u nv reply my msg or even my call even my email too
i juz sad....juz disapointted
perhap u got problem...u got trouble
y didn't u tink of mi
i willing to lend my ear to u
i'm reali sad
Are we still frenz sia?
could u juz tell mi?
even not face to face
at least email or msg ba...
if u wanna mi to die,at least should let mi noe the reason before i die ba...
i dunno will u read my mail,will u noe i'm trying to let u noe through my blog
i reali dunno about alot of ting
watsoever liao....
it's juz so suddenly...
i reali dunno wat to say liao...